Online Game Pro is committed to provide exciting digital games. This privacy policy indicates how Online Game Pro, hereafter referred to as “OGP”, “we”, “our” or “us”, collects stores and uses information from its visitors. The Privacy Policy explains how and what information do we make use of in relation to our website at [URL Goes Here], any companion applications for mobile devices or any product or services offered through our applications, collectively referred to as ‘services’.

This Privacy Policy governs the collection, storage and usage of your personal information that is collected at various instances throughout your usage of our services.

What information is collected and when?

For the purpose of this privacy policy any information that can identify you such as your name, address, email id or any other identifier is referred to as “data”

The following data is collected when you give us your data directly i.e. every time a user chooses to register, ask a question, fills out a form, conducts a transaction or sends us a query via email.

    o Name

    o Username

    o Address

    o Date Of Birth

    o Email Address

    o Phone Number

    o Credit Card/ Debit Card Details

  • The Data is collected every time a user enters any competition on our site
  • The Data is collected if you make a purchase within the game or application.
  • Data is collected when you participate in any forum
  • Data is collected when you report a complaint or write to us or send us an email

The following data is collected when you use any of our services

    o Demographic Data: Location of your computer or mobile device.

    o Hardware Data: Platform, Your Device type and Model, IP Address, MAC Address, Device Identifier,

    o Software Data: Browser Information, Operating System version, page loading time, network operator

    o Game Data: Generated by You such as avatar, usernames, aliases, Game versions, Saved Game Details, High score details, level rankings

    o The number of times you have visited the site and played a particular game

    o Third Parties: We will collect information if you are accessing our services through a third party account like Facebook, Google. We may collect all information you have made public on these third party sites, however you can limit our collection by making changes to the privacy settings on your third party profiles.

With your continued usage of our website, you allow us to collect, compile and use all information above for the provisions and furtherance of our services. Moreover you agree that all information provided by you through any means is truthful, accurate, unaltered and precise to the best of your knowledge. In case of any instance whereby you provide us with incorrect or false information, you shall no more be eligible for our services.

What does OGP do with your data?

All data that is collected by OGP whether you have directly provided to us or data collected automatically, serves only the purpose of benefitting our customers with their experience of the site, making gameplays more fun and exciting as well as marketing purposes.

We collect your data to:

    o Provide you with personalized services regardless of the platform you are playing the games or using the site on.

    o To restrict customers from using our website or services if they are not of age or from a country or territory that is restricted.

    o To moderate any conversation or chats to prevent any access to harmful or offensive content

    o To process any refunds requested by the customers.

    o To improve our existing services (For example game crashes, bugs, errors and glitches), and to improve your experience on the website (for example page opening and reloading times, game screen resolution improvement, color improvement)

    o To provide you with marketing materials and advertisements through targeted advertising so you received personalized ads.

    o To send you push notifications to your device regarding any update, promotions, or events within a game.

    o To provide you with the newsletter that you may have subscribed.

    o To provide you quality support against any game on our site

This applies to the following data that we have or will collect

    o Username

    o Password

    o Phone Number

    o Email Address

    o Device Details

    o Credit/Debit Card details


If you provide us with your consent, we may send you correspondence with regards to the services we think may interest you. This correspondence will be only in regards with similar services which you have opted for in the past. For example you may be notified of an upcoming new game of the same genre that you usually play.

How do we get your consent?

Your continued usage of the website is an indication of your consent to collect and use your information. However in case of sensitive personal information like credit card or account details, you are required to verify the information.

We may store your data after you have provided us your consent so we can provide you with promotional content and services that we believe may be in accordance with your preferences.

What can you do to withdraw your consent?

If you change your mind after you have given us your consent, you can pull out your consent by contacting us at the given email address. Additionally you can opt to say no at the start of signing up with us. This applies to information gathered for marketing and advertisement purposes.

We make use of third party services who may use your information for targeted advertising, however you can withdraw your consent from targeted advertising at any point through the settings on the third-party site as well as the OGP site.

You can opt out of receiving any marketing correspondence that we or our affiliated third party may send out to you by using the unsubscribe function available.

How does Online Game Pro protect your Data?

OGP takes all the measures necessary to protect your data from misuse, loss or theft by incorporating the latest technologies, procedures and practices. Industry standard protocols such as SSL encryption, firewalls and password protection are implemented to maintain the confidentiality of all personal data of customers. We always strive to protect all information of our customers however there is no absolute certainty of information security on the internet.


Cookies are tiny bits of data that are stored on your PC browser. They collect small data that is relevant to your browsing habits so it can show you relevant ads. OGP uses cookies to provide you data that is relevant to you for example upcoming game offers and promotions or in-game events.

You can change your browser setting to opt out of letting cookies collect your data. However after which your experience browsing the site may be affected. Cookie settings can be changed in the browser settings.

We leave it as our visitor’s prerogative to incline to opt in or out of letting us collect any information. However please note that the delivery of our services is contingent on the provision of your information the lack or inaccuracy or incompleteness thereof which, may keep you from using our site and its services up to their full potential.