Online Game Pro is an easily accessible free online gaming site. We believe in complete and concise dissemination of information that helps you continually use our website. Carefully read the Terms & Condition below before proceeding. Continual playing refers to your acceptance of the terms & conditions.

Data Accuracy and Completeness

We ensure all details and information are provided without any part of it being withheld. As a third-party game website, we take all games from original developer websites and are thus credited to them. Information is directly obtained from them and no part is deleted or altered. We observe utmost completeness of information disseminated to you. Our website related data is maintained with each aspect covered to serve your needs better. Online Game Pro has frequent updates to the data, keep a check for newest updates to our terms and conditions.

General Terms

Online Game Pro believe in privacy and transparency, accessing it from an address which belief is malicious to other users or website shall be blocked. We further hold the right to block you from playing on our website. Abstain from any activity which may be graded as illegal both internationally and locally to keep enjoying our free top-notch gaming experience.

Provision of Services

Online Game Pro is a free access online gaming site, yet we closely monitor for any mischief on our site that would be of harm to any user. We reserve the right to stop access at any time to any user without prior notice. Furthermore, we hold the right to add or remove any game on our site.

Third-Party Links

Online Game Pro provides you the opportunity to link with sites like Facebook and publishes advertisement linking to third-party sites. Online Game Pro does not guarantee security for them and is not liable for any damages to your data caused by any such site. Any data uploaded or shared with any such website is not warranted by Online Game Pro and owes you no damages in case of loss.

Prohibition of Use

Online Game Pro holds its user’s safety and well-being in the highest regard. We prohibit and limit any use for our website other than playing.

  • Using or trying to use Online Game Pro to reach other users data.
  • Trying to upload viruses, add bugs or any other malicious add-ons by illegal means.
  • We limit our website to [playing online games only and any attempts to enter our servers our remove or alter the website with harmful software shall be intervened and dealt with harshly.